Sierra Stone

Cover Your UGLY Concrete, Asphalt, Paving Stones, and More!

Sierra Stone has been Covering Ugly Concrete and proving its durability throughout North America for more than a quarter century. It withstands the harshness of Canadian winters and the unforgiving heat of Phoenix sunshine. Whatever the conditions, Sierra Stone is strong enough to stand up to weather extremes without compromising elegant beauty. As it does all this it also adds value to your property and saves you demolition costs and the expense of pouring new concrete.Your cracked, beat-up driveway is not an eyesore! It’s the perfect foundation for a work of art!

Residential Application

The manufacturing process of Sierra Stone uses natural stone and industrial-grade epoxies. The finished product is chemical resistant, easy to clean, and more durable than the concrete it covers. This makes it a perfect overlay for outdoor applications such as Driveways, Pool Decks, Patios, Walkways, Retaining Walls, and much more.

Sierra Stone also has numerous interior applications. Concrete is a structural material used in most basements and garages. The application of Sierra Stone to basement or garage floors makes these surfaces impervious to liquids, stains, and odours. It’s awful to imagine your basement flooding but if it did, your flooring cleanup involves a Shop-Vac and bleach. There’s no musty carpet, mouldy laminate or rotten subfloor to haul out!

Within your home Sierra Stone can also be used in spa areas, or in game rooms. Homes that are slab construction without basements can also utilize Sierra Stone as a decorative flooring product throughout. The flexible product application and variety of colours makes it possible to create transitions between living areas, beautiful mosaics, and unique patterns.

Commercial Applications

In commercial settings, emphasis is still on beauty, but there is an even greater need for durability. Heavy traffic simply means more wear and tear. While commercial carpet, tile and laminate will stand up to a lot, they inevitably begin to show traffic lines, worn in dirt, and damage. Sierra Stone does not. Spills, dirt and grime remain topical and can be cleaned up simply with warm water and a mop. No special cleaners or services are required for cleaning. If Sierra Stone does get damaged in extraordinary circumstances, it can be restored to its original appearance. As a business owner, that means money in your pocket not someone else’s. Few if any other products can boast such exceptional durability. That’s why it makes perfect business sense to Cover your UGLY Concrete!