Cover your Ugly Concrete! EnduraFlake Floors: Smooth, Beautiful, Industrial Durability!

EnduraFlake is a product that was developed over 20 years ago to cover ugly concrete with a durable, stain resistant, colourized and relatively smooth surface.

The application process of EnduraFlake involves three basic steps:
  1. The substrate is prepared by grinding or shot-blasting to remove contaminants and ensure extreme adhesion.
  2. A Pressure-Reducing Epoxy Base Coat is applied directly onto the concrete.
  3. The flake pattern is created by sprinkling acrylic chips over the basecoat.
  4. A UV-stable, Polyaspartic Top Coat is applied.

EnduraFlake is perfect for garage, basement, workshop, and commercial space concrete floors. This decorative concrete coating works extremely well for industrial high traffic areas that require a smooth-finish working surface. This product is ideal in airplane hangars and warehouses where forklifts and other heavy vehicles transit regularly. EnduraFlake can withstand the same extreme stress as the concrete beneath it.

EnduraFlake is designed for areas that are frequently exposed to spills. The high-solids content of this product makes it chemical and stain resistant and easy to clean. Routine maintenance involves a quick rinse with water and a non-filming detergent. When this flooring is heavily soiled with oil, gas, grease or even paint, it can be thoroughly cleaned with a mop or carwash brush, and mild solvents such as paint thinner or WD-40.

While this product has a beautiful finish of its own, EnduraFlake can also be polished to a high-gloss showroom finish with the application of wax.